Rural / Urban Transportation Issues

In Feb 2003, Access Calgary/ Calgary Transit invited a few rural handibus stakeholders to:
"...Discuss transportation issues related to individuals living outside large municipalities."

With over 15 stakeholders (municipalities, service providers, etc) at our early meetings, we have been quite surprized at the number of communities near Calgary experiencing similar transportation issues.

Several factors will increase the transportation demand in the region's smaller communities in the next few years:

The Alberta Government is reviewing funding for accessible transportation. Money is just one aspect of the development of transportation. Stakeholders also feel that a strategy for sustainable transportation is required.

This page functions as an archive for our discussions. Stay tuned for updates

Terms of Reference
Updated Letter to Municipal Councils May 14
Draft Service Provider Map: Handibus Properties - Region 3
A response from Alberta transportation
Regional Study Proposal (brief)

Meeting Minutes
February 7 2003
March 13, 2003
April 17 2003
June 19, 2003
Sept 11, 2003
October 16, 2003
December 4, 2003
February 5, 2004

Municipal District of Bighorn
Town of Crossfield
Municipal District of Foothills
Headwaters Health Authority Transportation Committee

Links of Interest
Alberta Transportation "Barrier Free" Resources
A Profile of Disabilities in Canada - 2001
Kansas University Rural Transit Assistance Program
(Summary) Transportation For Seniors And Persons With Disability (Alberta Transportation, 1994)
Alberta Specialized Transportation Survey 2003 (Rocky View Regional Handibus, 2003)

Participating Stakeholders
Alberta Transportation
Big Hill Senior Citizen Activities Society
Calgary and Area Child Family Services
Calgary Health Region - Airdrie Health Centre
Calgary Transit/ Access Calgary
City of Airdrie - Transit
Dreams Inc.
MD of Bighorn
MD of Foothills - FCSS
MD of Rocky View - FCSS
Rocky View Regional Handibus Society
Town of Chestermere - FCSS
Town of Cochrane
Town of Cochrane FCSS - Western Rocky View Region
Town of Crossfield
Wheatland - FCSS
Headwaters Health Authority Transportation Committee

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