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Rocky View Regional Handibus Society has adopted the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code as its policy. In so doing, members ofthe governing board commit to being responsible custodians of donated funds, to exercise due care concerning the governance of fundraising and financial reporting, and to ensure to the best of their ability that the organization adheres to the provisionsof the Code. It is hereby confirmed that each member of the governing board has received a copy of the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code and that a copy will also be provided to each person who is subsequently elected to the governingboard.


  1. Our organization will not issue a tax receipt for any donation under $10.00 unless specifically requested by the donor.
  2. All official receipts for donations will be issued within ten (10) days, other than gift in-kind receipts or those that are issued as a percentage of the cost of an event ticket.
  3. Gift-in-kind receipts will be issued within 10 days after an agreed upon fair market value provided by an independent appraiser. Appraisals will be required as follows: $0 to $1,000 - one appraisal from a bona fide source with qualificationsappropriate to the gift; over $1,000 -appraisals from two bona fide sources with qualifications appropriate to the gift. If there is a discrepancy between appraisals, the fair market value will be determined by averaging the appraisals. Any receipteddonations will be reflected in our audit.
  4. Receipts given as a percentage of an event ticket price will reflect the total price of the ticket minus the cost, as prescribed by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, and will only be given when indicated in the promotional materials for theevent.
  5. No charitable receipts will be issued for gifts of time, services, or food.
  6. All fundraising solicitations by or on our behalf will clearly disclose the organization's name, address, and the purpose for which funds are solicited.



The Executive Director shall not:

  1. Knowingly contravene the Alberta Charitable Fund Raising Act or the Canadian Income Tax Act or any board-approved policies that apply to the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.
  2. Fail to inform the board of any complaint received from a donor, and of the type of disposition of the complaint received.
  3. Fail to inform any unsatisfied donor of their option to appeal in writing to the Board of Directors pursuant policy B-2.
  4. Fail to use all restricted or designated donations that are subject to conditions or limitations by the donor or fundraising appeal for the purposes for which they are given or if alternative uses are required as the approved operational policiesrequire.
  5. Pay any fundraiser finder's fees, commissions or other payments based on either the number of gifts received or the value of funds raised. Compensation will be through a salary, retainer, or flat fee for service.
  6. Sell, exchange, rent or share donor lists.


  1. Directors shall be responsible to ensure that the organization has policies in place that address the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code, that they commit good stewardship of donated funds, that they exercise due care concerningthe
  2. If the staff of the organization are unable to address a donor's complainant's concerns, the unsatisfied donor may appeal in writing to the Board of Directors or its designate and will be advised in writing of the disposition of the appeal. If thecomplainant is still unsatisfied, the Board will inform the complainant that he or she may notify the Canadian Centre of Philanthropy in writing.




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